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Uniqscan High Sensitivity Door Temperature Scanners

Uniqscan High Sensitivity Door Temperature Scanners
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Spacing Of Image Sources: 17um
Lens: 3.6mm
Sensitivity: <60mk
Lens Size: 4mm, 84°X45°
Alarm Temperature: Settable
High Light:

3.6mm Door Temperature Scanners


4mm Door Temperature Scanners


17um thermal door scanner

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SONGRUI
Certification: CE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Payment Terms: T/T
Product Description

Facial recognition/Metal security inspection

Integrated door of thermal imaging and temperature measurement


Product overview

This product uses infrared thermal imaging technology to quickly grasp the temperature data, and non-contact body temperature detection is carried out for the personnel to be inspected. Abnormal body temperature will be prompted through sound and light alarm, and therefore can effectively prevent the large-scale disease transmission.


This product adopts the world's advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and anti-vibration design, with ultra-high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability and anti-seismic ability. It can detect the metal of passing personnel, check whether the passing personnel carry metal contraband, effectively help the anti-epidemic work, and realize the prevention and control of public security.


Temperature measurement + Metal detection (Free to match)

TP-R2020-N (Without security check)

TP-R2020-6 (Security check with six zones)

TP-R2020-M (Thermodetector only)


Product performance

Temperature measurement while passing, non-contact remote passive imaging technology, on-line monitoring of multi-target body temperature


12 inch touch-sensitive integrated machine


Product advantages (1)

It is an intelligent product integrating high-precision thermal imaging temperature sensor, built-in intelligent face capture algorithm and image processing technology, with face detection, body temperature detection, face capture and other powerful functions


Product advantages (2)

The upper limit of multi-person temperature measurement can be up to 15 people.


Product advantages (3)

Support split screen: The product can be connected with external large-screen display to master the dynamic in real time


Product advantages (4)

Unlimited height: Suitable for kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, university, height 0.5m - 2.0m universal

Fast passage: The temperature of personnel in the screen all can be detected to realize the fast passage.

External projection screen: It can be connected with large screen and display in real time.

Multi scene: Bicycles, wheelbarrows, people in helmets, pregnant women, the elderly, children and so on can pass through the product at ease.


Product parameters (1)

Thermal imaging  
Resolution ratio 256x 192
Spacing of image sources 17um
Lens 3.6 mm
Sensitivity <60mk
Angle of viewing field 35°X 27° ( HX V)
Visible light  
Sensor 1/2.8 CMOS
Resolution ratio 1920X1080
Lens size 4mm, 84°X45°
Size 280mmx85mmx75mm
Precision ±0.3℃
Alarm temperature Settable




Product size

Overall dimension:2300*810*500mm

Passage size: 1900*700*500mm


Packing size

Door header packaging: 750*370*415mm

Door panel packaging: 2280*600*180mm

Net weight of door header: 20kg, Gross weight: 25kg

Net weight of door panel: 40kg, Gross weight: 50kg


Packing list

Door header x 1

Left door panel x 1

Right door panel x 1

Foot cover at the bottom of door panel x 2

Foot cover at the top of door panel x 2

Power cord x 1

Door key x 1

Certificate x 1

Instructions x 1

Hexagon wrench x 1

Hexagon socket flat round head screw x 8 (M8x80)


Customized service

Silk screen printing LOGO

Support silk screen printing logo, panel film, design and style


Custom style

Custom height, custom width, custom functions, such as booting advertising, LED display advertising, etc


Customized backstage

Docking face recognition, campus card, WeChat, cloud system, and other background data docking


Usage scenarios

Crowded places: Subway station, high-speed rail station, airport, railway station, bus station, port, wharf, etc


Municipal Enterprises: Schools, hospitals, courts, procuratorates, prisons, detention centers, reeducation through labor centers, drug rehabilitation centers, public security bureaus, banks, large enterprises, industrial parks, etc


Public place: Exhibition hall, museum, gymnasium, entertainment place, supermarket


Corresponding certificate

Test report, CE certification, ROHS certification, FCC certification


After-sale service

01 Online upgrade

No need to send back hardware, online upgrade, more smooth operation of system, more stable, more intelligent


02 After-sale service

Provide online and offline multi-mode after-sales service, response in 10 minutes, follow-up by special personnel, and provide solutions within 12 hours


03 One-year shelf life

One year warranty, lifelong maintenance service, and provide long-term supply of spare parts and technical support


04 Return and exchange

If the calibration is invalid and the deviation is more than 0.5 degrees, it can be returned and replaced. Please refer to the return policy for details.

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