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Knowledge of swing gate opener

March 18, 2021

Latest company news about Knowledge of swing gate opener

An important part of the swing gate opener is called the gate opener. The so-called gate opener refers to a driver selected by the gate opener of the courtyard, villa, and community that needs to be remotely controlled. It is installed on various side-opening gates of different materials, and the gate can be opened and closed through the operation of the gate opener. The gate opener can control the opening, closing and stopping of the gate with a remote control mobile phone, and has the functions of closing the gate or automatically stopping when the gate is opened, and the gate can be locked when the gate is closed. So what are the functions of the gate opener? Let me give you some popular science.


The role of gate opener:


1. Single and double opening options: Operate through the remote control, which can realize single gate independent or double gate opening and closing at the same time.


2. Key lock: Through remote control operation, all keys on the control panel can be locked to prevent unauthorized opening.


3. Restriction of repeated operation: prevent the gate from being damaged by misoperation when the gate is opened in place and overshooting.


4. Stop automatically when encountering obstacles: The gate opener will automatically stop when obstacles such as pedestrians and vehicles are encountered during operation.


5. Time protection: The single operation time of the gate machine is set within 60 seconds.


6. Infrared protection: through an external infrared grating detector, if pedestrians or vehicles pass through the infrared grating during the gate-closing program, the gate opener will automatically stop the gate-closing program and enter the gate-opening program. The gate will reopen, avoiding people or vehicles. The danger of objects being caught by the gate greatly enhances the safety of the gate operator.


8. Automatic gate closing: After opening the gate, the gate will be closed automatically if no person passes through within the set time.


9. External connection interface: It can be connected with the security system's camera, card reader, access control system, parking lot management system to realize automatic identification and access control.


10. Ups power supply: dc24v voltage, it can still work normally in the case of power failure, and there are optional solar panels, so that the gate opener uses truly environmentally friendly green solar energy as the power source.


swing gate opener classification


Garage gate opener: a gate opener system dedicated to garage gates to provide opening and closing power for the garage gate;


Industrial gate openers: such as sliding gate openers, fast gate openers provide power for sliding gates and fast gates. Industrial gate openers have higher requirements than ordinary garage gate openers, and their performance and quality are relatively higher.


Sliding gate operator: the general name of the gate opener used for sliding gate;


Side-by-side gate opener is the general term for the side-by-side gate opener;


Rolling shutter gate machine is a gate opener specialized in a series of gates for rolling shutters;


Smart window opener is a kind of Quanzhou side-hinging gate machine used for electric rolling shutters.


The power of the gate opener is not fixed. It can choose a gate opener of different power according to the type of gate and the size of the gate to ensure that the power is provided when the gate is working normally.

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