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Customized Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine from China manufacturer

March 18, 2021

Latest company news about Customized Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine from China manufacturer

Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine is placed in the entrance and exit lane of the parking lot, and integrates license plate recognition cameras, barriers, control machines, fill lights, information screens, and parking lot fee collection software. The integrated design and modular structure effectively simplify the entrance and exit management functions. The installation is simple, the equipment takes up small space and other advantages.

latest company news about Customized Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine from China manufacturer  0

Product application: Mainly used in license plate recognition parking fee management system.

Product highlights: The entrance and exit control machine adopts ARM embedded microprocessor and has a variety of control interfaces. The recognition camera adopts advanced video synchronization technology, combined with intelligent fill light to capture the license plate number in high definition, and uses video stream and picture dual recognition technology to achieve recognition rate. It can reach more than 99%. The standard high-brightness four-line LED display can customize the color of the font and the content displayed on the first line, which can clearly display the vehicle and toll information.

Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine product advantages:

1. 2 million high-definition network recognition cameras, with a recognition rate of over 99%.

2. ARM embedded microprocessor intelligent control unit.

3. Built-in two sets of weg26 card reader expansion interface.

4. Equipped with multiple relay output interfaces.

5. High-brightness four-line 16-character LED voice display, customizable font color and first line display content.

6. The online version of the Android 19-inch LCD advertising player, supports mainstream audio, video, pictures and streaming media playback (optional).

7. Unique embedded full offline management function.

8. Provide a variety of payment methods for parking fees.

9. DC24V DC brushless servo variable frequency motor, life can reach more than ten million times.

10. The lifting speed of the barrier can be steplessly adjusted within 0.9~6 seconds, and the function of rebound in resistance can be integrated.

11. The patented precision-cast sine lever drive mechanism self-optimizes the brake lever jitter to reduce the motor load.

12. Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine, with 6 kinds of fault self-checking functions and display by LED digital tube.

13. With IT interface, it can provide Windows DLL and Linux SO dynamic library SDK.

14. Standard RS485 interface, optional TCP/IP RJ45 interface.

15. Supports straight arms, folding arms and fence poles, comes with anti-smashing rubber strips, and optional anti-collision modules.

16. The function of lifting the pole when power is off, the railing arm will automatically lift when the power is off (optional).

17. Support external radar, coil, infrared anti-smashing function.

18. Support remote control remote control, the distance is more than 30 meters.

19. Servo Barrier Gate Integrated Machine external intelligent light-sensing fill light.

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